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A division of MPD Welding Inc. "Welding Products That Work"

MPD Welding, Inc. has been a part of tool and die welding industry since 1974. The slogan, “Welding Products That Work” was born when the founder of MPD Welding Alloys, Inc. decided it was time to develop a line of superior quality filler metals that meet the needs of the welding industry.

Considerable time and financial resources were dedicated to the development process. The end result: an exclusive line of MPD Welding Alloys that meet or exceed the analysis of A.I.S.I. standards. This superior quality and performance means extended tool life, longer production runs and less down time.

MPD Welding Alloys technicians will assist you with your welding decisions. Our goal is simple- 100% customer satisfaction with all of our products and services. It is with this philosophy in mind that MPD Welding Alloys developed the listed line of filler metals.

Please contact us for more information on any of these premium alloys.

Product Name Product Summary
MPD 44 Nickel-Manganese-Iron Solid Wire
MPD 110 Cast Iron Underlayment
MPD 120 P-20 Mold Steel
MPD 145 Machinable Hot Work
MPD 44 Nickel-Manganese-Iron Solid Wire
MPD 154 Shock Resisting
MPD 155 Super Tungsten Free Hot Work
MPD 156 High Hardness Hot Work
MPD 160 Superior High Speed
MPD 210 Cast Iron Tig
MPD 4130 Flame Hardenable
MPD D6510 Premium Cast Iorn-Enhanced Wear
MPD 8620 8620 Steel Build-up
MPD Build-up Steel Build-up and Joining
MPD Cast-Cut Flame Hardening Cast Steel
MPD Super Chrome Hi-Tensile Alloy

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