Die Horses

Over the years, MPD Welding Inc. has always strived to provide our customers with a complete line of products and services. As a result of our commitment to full-service, we have a dedicated fabricating division that specially designs and manufactures custom Die Horses for the stamping industry.

MPD Welding’s custom Die Horses are ergonomically designed to assist you with die maintenance and repair issues. They allow you to raise your work piece off of the floor anywhere from 12”-72” so that you can easily access your tooling without straining your back and legs.

The retractable, spring-loaded, polyurethane casters allow for smooth and easy positioning on the shop floor. Each Standard Die Horse is rated at 40,000 LB capacity, and can be built in a variety of sizes to meet your specific needs.

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MPD Welding, Inc. has a full staff of fabricators and machine repair technicians.

We’ve been welding since 1974, and our professionals can handle virtually any project. We’ll deliver a quality product, on time, at an affordable price.

Die Horse

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